Dec 182009

The route 3228, 3209, 3374, 2006, 3274, 3087, 4006, 3313, 3206, 3337, 4001, 4016, 4010, 4009, 2006, 3374, 3209, 3228

Total distance 276 km

One of the guests got bitten on the foot by a snake last night at where I am staying so there was a big hunt and this snake got killed, whether it was the culprit or not who knows

I tried out a couple of new roads today in a pleasant loop, I am on the 4006 heading south near to Suan Phueng

This is a good well surfaced road

Colourful in places too

The Huai Ma Ha Reservoir

Notice how the height of the overflow has been raised

A bit further along and this woman is putting this stuff out to dry, whatever it is

I reach the 3313 and turn left onto it, after a few km at Ban Pong Krathing the road becomes the 3206 and a bit further on I take a left onto the 3337

I take a left onto the 4001 and wonder what that cows got in its mouth

Affluent farmers around here then, even the cows get a packed lunch

Obviously thinks that I am after the food

I ride on and stop at the Mai Teng Reservoir

Not a lot of water in this one

I take the 4016

Its a pleasant ride through tapioca and sugar cane fields

I do a stint on the 4010, and 4009 then I am back on the 2006

A very pleasant road this was too

A spicy Italian pizza wrap at Ali Bongos tonight for 139 Baht

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