Nov 162008

The Route Hwy2, 2393, 227, 2218, 213, 2041, 217, 2289, 2023, Hwy2

Total Distance 418km

This is definitely my favourite day loop out of Udon, its starts off on the terminally boring highway 2 but once out the other side of Kumphawapi its a really great ride

The 2393 is great

These rollercoasters are on the 227

These were pleasing to the eye

Its harvesting the old fashioned way out in these parts, many times today I saw the same thing

I go through so many of these small places and most of the roads are quite twisty out here which adds to the fun

At Phu Phan I go down to the Nam Phung Dam and cant believe how low the water level is, wasnt there much rain out here this year?

I ride along the dam to the hydropower plant and take a walk around the grounds

Of course sunday again, no power needed today

The 213 from Phu Phan to Somdet is a real great road

Its like this for a long way but today I want to enjoy the thrills of riding the bends as fast as possible without constantly stopping for photos but I think you get the idea of what its like

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