Feb 162009

The route Hwy 4, 4122, 4237, 4121, 4122, Hwy 4

Total distance 207 km

It was a midday start today, I badly overslept then I had to get the bikes oil changed so noon before I finally got going

Highway 4 east out of town is a dual carriageway for about 20 km, then its about 10 km of this fun twisty single carriageway

A good road and scenery makes this an enjoyable section

Its actually not too hot around here today, not like when I was here three years ago

I take a right onto the 4122

People say the souths flat and boring, it certainly isnt flat around here

At Kong Ra I take a right and ride towards the Phraiwan Waterfall

A nice pool there that some of the locals are enjoying

The first Thai that I have ever seen with that particular tattoo

They just love putting on the correct pose for the camera, as friendly as ever these guys

Its back to the 4122 and I carry on riding south

I do a left onto the 4237 and looking at the map I realise that I am now the farthest south that I have ever been, I ride along until I take a left onto the 4121 that takes me back to the 4122 and home the way I left

The Muslims are much more in evidence in these parts

Looking around in Trang I find this obviously German/Thai restaurant next to the Railway station and eat there

A very delicious meal for only 80 Baht, I will make this my restaurant of choice in Trang

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