Apr 132009

It was a day off from riding today, I have got my warpaint on and ready to go

I get my first soaking right outside the hotel

Songkran here is how I expected it to be, a Thai festival without the excessiveness where there are loads of youngish Foreigners

I lost count of the number of times I got powdered up, often I was asked first, sometimes I was asked before getting soaked too

All friendly around here

I dont see too many Ladyboys in Si Saket but they were out and about today

Some of the smaller kids were amongst the most eager throwers

The Police were often hiding in the 7-11s like this one was

Most soakings were with warm water but some were really cold

This youngster is about to sling that over me so its a quick hide of the camera, not once did anyone throw at the camera and always waited for me to put it down first, it was really good like that here

This girl just had the hose on non stop, every passing vehicle and person got it from her, me included

That was an open invitation and I saw quite a few bucketfuls go in the open back of that car

The ultimate Songkran weapon

Nothing escaped from that truck, he had the range and plenty of ammunition

There was no escaping that

Here hes filling up their buckets

This Policeman got a large bucket tipped over him but took it okay, I saw two young Policemen on a motorbike covered in powder and totally soaked but thoroughly enjoying it but some were definitely staying in the dry spots

After over six hours of non stop walking and getting soaked I am getting tired and head to Franks for food

A nice German smoked pork chop and homefried potatoes with bacon and onions tonight for 125 Baht, I am starting to dry out here then a thunderstorm starts as I leave and its a 1 km walk back in that so I was totally soaked again when I got home. My first ever Songkran in Thailand and a very enjoyable day it was too, hopefully tomorrow its out on the bike again

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