Mar 052009

The route 407, 408

Total distance 222 km

Todays ride was about as much fun as watching paint dry, this trip report is a warning not to follow this route. I guess after enjoying the stunning scenery of Yala and Narathiwat Provinces being brought back to reality takes some getting used to

I got about ten km out of town before the heavens opened, it was about a half hour shelter waiting for it to finish

The 408 has a decent surface but thats about all that I can sat in its favour and I was glad to arrive in town. With hindsight I should have headed inland straight away and found some more interesting roads to have ridden. I will abandon carrying on along the eastern coast now and head inland tomorrow to ride to Surat Thani

I stay at the Sri Tong Hotel at 150 Baht, inside parking here

At least I found a nice restaurant here

At last a pork steak, I was forgetting what pork tasted like after being in the south

What better for dessert

Never say never but I dont think that I wish to ever return to this town neither do I have any interest at all in the east coast of Thailand, riding down the west side was so much better

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