Feb 132010

The route 5009, 2168, 226, 2360, 2125, 221

Total distance 138 km

As I was getting ready to ride out I saw a lot of food ready and thought it was a party for the Chinese new year

No it was for Buddah

Buddah certainly eats well in these parts

I ride out of town on the 5009

A well surfaced twisty road that I have never been on before, thanks Peter for pointing this one out

The Mun river is not flooding now though like it was when Peter wrote about it

I ride on enjoying the 5009 until I reach Yang Chum Noi

Here I take a right onto the 2168

Theres lots of places along this road with chillies out drying and its a very pungent smell as I ride past

The 2168 is another well surfaced road

I reach the 226 and turn right then soon take a left onto the 2360

Some sand is being excavated here

Hes trying to drive out but the wheels are spinning

We all get behind and push and off it goes

I am surprised at the very low water level here

No school today so lots of kids out riding their bikes

Going by these chunks of road material in the river bed I guess the bridge collapsed at some time

Just down the road and a bit of an accident

That truck looks a bit mangled

Apparently the drivers in hospital

The trucks occupant appears to be unharmed though

I ride on and after a few km the road becomes the 2125 and takes me to the 221 where I turn right and ride back to Si Saket

This tree is growing at a funny angle

I get back to my hotel and obviously Buddah was very hungry as all the food has been eaten

A salami pizza at Franks tonight for 175 Baht

I go to my usual ice cream parlour but its closed down and the girl has moved elsewhere

Her Brother has the coffee shop a few doors along and also does ice cream so I eat one here, 35 Baht for this

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