Nov 272007
I left Si Saket on the 226 and rode straight to Warin Chamrap and booked into the River Moon Guesthouse for 120 Baht, I left my baggage there and as it was only 11.30 it was off riding

I rode through Ubon and picked up the 2050 which I followed to Trakan Phuetphon, there it was a right onto the 2134 which took me all the way to Khong Chiam

It was sunny in Si Saket but its cloudy and dull here this afternoon

The Mekong at Khong Chiam

Here is where the Moon joins the Mekong, the Moon is flowing very fast into the Mekong

I take the 2173 out of Khong Chiam heading south

Now its the 2296 to the Pak Moon Dam

Heres the reason why the Moon is flowing fast, the gates are finally opened, I have never seen them open before

I take the 2222 back to Warin Chamrap

No hills here but still enjoyable, I cant find any Western food in Warin Chamrap so its off to Ubon and I strike lucky, outside the Pizza Company I meet an American who lives here and he tells me about the Wrong Way Cafe at 49/4-5 Phadaeng Road. I go there and have a great meal and that is where I will be eating every day that I stay here

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