Dec 112007
I finally moved on out of Si Saket today after eleven pleasant nights staying there, I took the 220 to Khu Khan then the 2201 to join the 24 as far as Sangkha then it was a left onto the 2124 to Bua Chet and just after here a right onto the 2328 to carry on following the border

The road certainly narrows in places

I take the odd off shoot road and some of them are good pieces of tarmac

This fine piece of road is numbered the 4030

I am now on the 2122

Halfway along the 2122 I turn right and head north, this road is not numbered but my map says its the 2123 and it comes to a crossroads with the 24, I go straight over and the road is now the 2288 signposted to Lamduan

This is just sitting by itself in a field on the way to Lamduan, here I turn left onto the 2077 and ride to Surin

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