Apr 172009

The route 2373, 2168, 2382, Hwy 23, 2409, 2383, Hwy 23, 2406, 2382, 2168, 2373

Total distance 207

A nice hot mince beef and onion pie and crisps for breakfast/lunch then it was time to head out

I took the 2373, 2168, and 2382 to Khueang Nai, spent some time there chatting with Marco and his lovely wife then took hwy 23 east for about 15 km before taking a left onto the 2409. This road was a disappointment as its only a concrete road and lots of sand and other rubbish on it meant it wasnt really enjoyable at all, plus as I was nearing the junction with the 2383 two cows suddenly ran across the road in front of me and it was a very near thing. I think it would have been a bit worse than a buckled rear brake pedal had we collided. I take a left onto the 2383 and its this lovely shiny smooth surface to ride on

Some coconuts growing along here

Theres a few bends along this road, unfortunately not enough of them and a few km before reaching hwy 23 the surface deteriorates a lot

I reach hwy 23 and turn right onto it and about 15 km later its a left onto the 2406, this starts out as a concrete road but is a lot more enjoyable than the 2409

A lot of dried earth to start with

Then some greenery and a tarmac road

I reach the 2382 and turn right onto it

This is always a pleasant road to ride

At Yang Chum Noi its a right onto the 2168

At a crossroads I take a left onto the 2373 and ride home

Sausage chips and beans for tonights meal, you cant get more English than that (even if it was a Bratwurst, a German frying sausage) at Franks for 125 Baht. Thats two traditional English meals for me today

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