Nov 282008

The Route 2373, 2168, 2382

Total Distance 118km

I took the 2373 out of town

This has got to be the smallest harvesting machine that I have ever seen

The 2373 is a nice surface for much of the way

I have never seen this much water here before

It stretches for a very long way

I think this might be the culprit, the river is really high

I dont think that this restaurant will be open for business for some time yet. At the crossroads with the 2168 I turn right and ride to Yang Chum Noi, here I take a left onto the 2382 and ride to Khueang Nai

Along this road are more floods. I meet Marco at a 7-11 and spend the afternoon at his lovely house drinking coffee and chatting. Thanks Marco it was nice to meet you and your wife and a very enjoyable afternoon. I suddenly find out its 17.10 so its a quick ride back to Si Saket the way I came getting back in the dark yet again

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