Nov 262008

The Route 221, 2235, 4047, 2236, 2341, 2128, 2111, 221

Total Distance 316km

I left Si Saket on the 221 and stayed on it until just before the Khao Phra Wihan National park where I took a right onto the 2235

A mostly good surfaced road

I dont know if today was a special sports day but I saw at least three that were playing games

A very freshly planted tapioca field

So this is how you plant it, just cut up a stick and put it in the ground and it grows

I take a left onto the 4047 to visit the Huai Wang Yai waterfall

Even more impressive than last year

Definitely more water here now than this time last year, I never saw a single person here today, I bet its not like that on weekends though

I ride back to the 2235 and ride further east then take a left onto the 2236 and ride to the Cambodian border, I didnt expect to get this far but the place was quite empty. Last year I walked through the barrier and into Cambodia but for obvious reasons I didnt have any interest in doing so today, I quite enjoy having two legs

The funny thing is these signs are about 12km before the border and they werent there last time I rode here

I ride to see the new reservoir that was being built last year and its now completely finished but nearly one metre below full, its the first one thats not overflowing that I have seen down here

A lot more water that before, I ride back then take the 2341 and a right onto the 2128 which takes me to Khun Han, then its the 2111 and the 221 home

On the way home something flies up and hits me in the right breast, I stop and go back and I cant believe how much it hurt having this small bird fly into me

I was reading in a UK newspaper a couple of weeks ago aout a guy being killed on his motorbike when he hit a pheasant at 110kph, I shudder to imagine how that must have felt

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