Apr 122009

The Route 221, 2126, 2235, 4047, 2236, 2341, 2128, 2111, 221

Total distance 243 km

Huai Ta Mai Reservoir on the 221 just before I reach the crossroads with hwy 24 are at the lowest that I have ever seen them

Before I reach the waterfall I am soaked by the kids loads of times, they motion for me to stop then powder my face and hurl buckets of water at me, one small kid let go of his bucket and I got that as well but no harm done

Absolutely no water flowing at all now


26th november


26th november

After taking 10000 pictures I finally discovered how the digital zoom works today by accident, I prefer to use the viewfinder and always leave the screen off, today I had the screen on and when zooming in on this dog it went into the digital zoom so heres a real close up from afar in these three pictures of the dog

Riding back along the 4047 and I was surprised at how green it still is

I am about to be done again, all good fun apart from when some of the older male late teens/20s were drunk and a bit obnoxious

I ride on to see a new reservoir and its a lot lower than in november, todays photo

26th november

Along the 2341 and this reservoir has nearly dried up

Digital zoom on maximum, I have never seen that bridge without water under it in the seven years that I have been riding along this road and often three metres deep under it as well

I am standing here dripping water but as I get halfway home I run into a thunderstorm and ride the rest of the way home in quite deep water in places and thoroughly soaked again but all good fun

Its Willys place for food tonight as Frank doesnt open on a sunday

300 Baht for a large lasagna here but I can only eat half of it

Halfs plenty, a lovely meal but you need to pre order either early in the morning or the day before, I will have the other half in a couple of days time

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