Dec 012008

The Route 220, 2157, 2341, 4001, 2328, 4004, 2124, unknown, 2201, 220

Total Distance 277km
I took the 220 to Khu Khan then the 2157 which ends at the 2341 and I carried on south on this road

These kids seem to prefer riding on top even though there is plenty of room inside

The 2341 is good in places but potholed in others

I ride across the Huai Sala reservoir which is completely full

I stop at Wat Phrai Phatthana and this chicken comes up very close

The Wat

I take the 4001 to Chong Sangam

Everyones waving and friendly

Its a good road to the border, I wondered if the border would be closed but its business as usual

I ride back and take a left onto the 2328

I take a left onto the 4004 and ride to a reservoir and rest here for a while

Just overflowing

The schoolkids busy decorating

Along the 4004 I turn left and ride up to Pha Nang Koy

A good view from up here

I come to a crossroads and its straight across onto the 2124 and just before Buachet I turn right onto an unnumbered road that is tarmac for about 10 kms then turns to sand and dust, it eventually emerges onto the 2201 and I take this to Khu Khan then the 220 to Si Saket

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