Jan 112011

The route 226, 2076, 2003, 2018, 3027, 3113, 2083, 3210, 219

Total distance 177 km

After eighteen fun days and nights in Si Saket it was time to move on and I took the 226 then the 2076 to Tha Tum and from here explored a new road for me starting off as unnumbered then becoming the 2003

One of the villages that I ride through along the way and its sports time here

A bit further along and these guys pull a few fish out while I am watching

Another one gets caught and some reasonable sized fish too

While I am stopped here this elderly gentleman stops for a chat

At N15.15.910 E103.35.247 the surface turns to dirt for 2.6 km until N15.14.558 E103.35.083

Then its this nice asphalt surface

I waved to this local but didnt get one back

Quite a bit of new rice growing along here

A bit of water too, this road brings me into Satuek where I turn left and ride to Bururam along the 219 checking into the Chai Charoen Hotel next to the train station at N15.00.183 E103.06.442 for 120 Baht

I eat at Muang Pizza tonight and its a complimentary bread and garlic cheese to start with which was delicious

Followed by a very delicious pepperoni pizza for 225 Baht, filling too, Muang Pizza is at N14.59.576 E103.05.688 but in may this shop will be closing and they are moving about 100 metres further along this road.

Get the gdb file here …

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