Mar 032010

The route 226, 2076, 2079, 2333, 214, 2378, 219

Total distance 201 km

After nineteen thoroughly enjoyable nights in Si Saket it was time to move on before I took root there, I headed out of town on the 226 and at a major crossroads I went straight across onto the 2076 towards Rattana Buri

This is always an enjoyable ride along this very well surfaced road

Just very hot and dry out here now

One of the few bits of water that I saw today

I ride into Rattana Buri and in the town centre I take a left onto the 2079

Just out of town and theres a small reservoir

Its about 1.5 metres below capacity

About twenty km from Rattana Buri I take a right onto the 2333 to ride to Sanom

Its my first time along this road today and its a goodie too, it looked promising on the map and certainly didnt disappoint and its a pleasant ride to the 214 where I turn left and ride to Chom Phra

In Chom Phra I take a right onto the 2378 and ride to the 219 where I turn left and ride into Buri Ram. It was a nice easy ride today and I check in at the Chai Charoen Hotel right next to the train station just before 14.00 hours

A standard cheapie at 120 Baht per night and my usual stay when in Buri Ram

Inside parking here too

Its early afternoon so I go for a walk around town

Theres more of these man made lakes under construction that I see

Time to eat and its the same place as two years ago when I was last here, its not far from the station

A homemade chicken Kiev chips and beans and very enjoyable and filling it was too, later on as I was walking around the night bazaar I came across a pizza parlour but that will have to be visited next time that I am in town

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