Dec 062008

The Route 226, 214, 24, 2397, 224, 2121, 2075, 2120, 348, 3486, 348

Total Distance 414km

I got off to an early start today, I was on the road by 8am, after spending 12 night in Si Saket it was time to move on. Si Saket is one of my favourite places in Thailand, the people are very friendly, the cost of living is low and a good feeling just being here. I picked the wrong day for an early start, its cold and windy for most of the day.
I took the 226 out to Surin then the 214 to Prasat, west on the 24 for about 7km then a left onto the 2397, this road has nothing to recommend it, its badly potholed and dead straight. At the junction with the 224 I turn right

Straight away a much nicer road

None of them look old enough to be in charge of a vehicle

I take a turning to my left on an unnumbered road

Lots of mature rubber trees around here

Another overflowing reservoir, plenty of water to go around this year

I ride back to the 2121 and ride on to Ban Kruat, here I usually ride north to Buri Ram and stay the night but its only 2pm and its just a boring ride there and then again back in the morning so I push on to Aranyaprathet

At Lahan Sai I take the 2120

I am now on the 348 which is a very pleasant well surfaced road and the sun has finally come out

The kids have got the right idea, sit under a tree in the shade while the parents are harvesting the rice

Its a water break in the shade time

I take the 3486 cutting off the corner of Ta Phraya, theres some good decent bends on this road

I rejoin the 348 and ride into Aranyaprathet

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