Jan 042011

The route 220, 2157, 2341, 2046, 4001, 2328, 4004, 4003, Unknown, 2124, 2371, 4008, 2167, 2200, 3026

Total distance 300 km

Due to the long holiday the 7-11s are out of most fresh bakery items again today so my usual breakfast was not available, I had a spicy moo pad phrik at the same restaurant as yesterday in Khu Khan, nice but rice two days on the trot is enough for me, hopefully tomorrow everything will be back to normal

Today was one of those days when I was surrounded by friendly animals

Heading south on the 2341 I take a right onto an unnumbered road that later becomes the 2046

I take a left onto a dirt track looking fot the Huai Tuek Chu Reservoir dam, I dont find it but make a pleasant find anyway

Another place with dogs galore

Some skilled woodworking taking place here at N14.32.660 E104.09.271

The raw materials

The finished product

A pleasant little find there

The peaceful Huai Tuek Chu Reservoir

Further along on the 2046, at the end of the 2046 its a left onto the 4001 then a right onto the 2328

I take a left onto the 4004 and this is a pleasant road with some curves

At N14.25.848 E103.58.737 I turn left and ride 0.4 km to the Tham Nop Reservoir stopping at the overflow at N14.25.698 E103.58.856

Further along the 4004 at N14.25.933 E103.57.415 I take a left and ride along a paved road for 1.3 km to N14.25.248 E103.57.479 where it turns to dirt, I ride along for a further 0.8 km to N14.24.800 E103.57.442 then turn back

I ride back to the paved road and turn left riding on asphalt to the Ban Charat Phathana Reservoir stopping at the overflow at N14.25.119 E103.56.989

Plenty of colour along here

The Buddha statue in the hills that I will ride to later on today

This statue is here at the reservoir

I ride along the crest of the dam and the asphalt road finishes at N14.25.331 E103.56.748 where dirt tracks lead off of it

About 100 metres later on the dirt track I stop at N14.25.355 E103.56.768 beside these

Whatever camp was here it looks a bit deserted here now

Along the 4004 at N14.26.739 E103.56.443 I take a left to ride to Khao Sa La

Up here there is wildlife galore

One of the friendliest pigs that I have ever known, it came up to me to be stroked

I walk down the road for more photos and the pig follows me

It was a bit of a disappointment to discover that the elephant wasnt real but only a statue

I ride to the top and the paved surface finishes at N14.25.122 E103.55.979 after 4 km from the 4004
The view from the top of the Ban Charat Phathana Reservoir

On maximum zoom you can just make out the colourful trees along the dam crest

Now its the cats giving me attention

The statue that can be seen from the reservoir

I ride the 4004 to where it ends at a crossroads, left and right are the 2328 and ahead is the 2124.
As I have taken the 4004 it means that I have missed out about a 10 k section of the 2328 so I turn right heading east to complete the gps track of it otherwise Auke might relieve me of my mapping duties if I miss this important stretch out.
Along the 2328 and lots of people in the muddy water

A section of the 2328 has been resurfaced and its a brilliant surface but further on its still quite badly potholed

I reach a crossroads where right is the 4004 where I turned off the 2328 earlier so no need to go any further, rather than just turn around I turn left onto the 4003 which is a nice surface until N14.29.247 E104.02.353 where it turns to dirt and in places its my least favourite surface, sand

At N14.30.050 E104.01.207 I turn left to take a narrow track back to the 2328, this is a mixture of dirt and sand too and brings me back to the asphalt of the 2328 at N14.28.530 E103.59.985

I head west along the 2328 until N14.28.697 where I take a left onto an unnumbered road that runs for 5.6 km until N14.26.944 E103.59.704 where it turns to dirt tracks, its now time to start heading home and its the 2328 then the 2124 to Sangkha and from there its the 2371, 4008, 2167, 2200 and 3026 home

Smoked German pork chop, onions and homefries tonight at Franks for 150 Baht.
Get the gdb file here …

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