Dec 302010

The route 226, 231, Hwy 24, 2182, 4029, 2248, 4057, Unknown, 3097, 2214, 2136, 221

Total distance 425 km

I take the 226, 231, hwy 24, 2182 and the 4029 to get back to the 2248 and carry on riding along the border road.
At N14.29.140 E105.12.879 I take a left onto an unnumbered road that only goes for 1.3 km until N14.28.790 E105.13.483 where it turns to dirt and can be left for another time.
Every paved road heading towards the border is being checked out this trip so that they are tracked by the gps and put on the gt-rider map

A shot of the 2248 which is mainly like this

I ride on and at N14.27.242 E105.11.695 I take the 4057 which runs to the Phu Jong Nayoi National Park, about 1 km along this road there is a barrier where I am told no alcohol is allowed, apparently its a new law now banning alcohol in NPs
After 7.2 km I reach the toll booth for the NP at N14.26.063 E105.15.125 but dont bother going in as I am told that there is no water running at the waterfall

Further along the 2248 at N14.25.455 E105.11.161 I take an unnumbered road signposted for the Emerald Triangle

After 11.2 km at N14.21.808 E105.12.585 is this unknown reservoir that doesnt show on either my gps or my Thinknet map, come to think of it this road that I am riding on doesnt show on either of them too despite being signposted and as I have ridden along here quite a few times before its not exactly a newly cut road either

I manage to ride past two checkpoints to where the asphalt road finishes at N14.21.153 E105.12.056, 13.6 km from the 2248 then its a dirt track

I ride 200 metres along here to N14.21.071 E105.12.058 but as its only 1 km from the Cambodian border dont go any further as it can be a bit risky out here these days

Time to turn back

This has been collapsed for a few years now and probably not high on the list of priorities for fixing

Just before reaching the 2248 I stop at the overflow of the Huai Phueng Reservoir at N14.25.594 E105.12.121 and its only about 100-150 mm from full.
Right next to it and only separated by the road is the Huai Phlan Suea Donsang Reservoir, its strange that they are considered to be two separate reservoirs despite being linked and sharing one overflow

At N14.25.779 E105.08.288 I take the 3097

After 4.1 km at N14.24.822 E105.06.646 the paved surface finishes and its a dirt track

I ride for 0.7 km along the dirt track to N14.24.475 E105.06.515

At N14.24.423 E105.06.662 this Buddha resides

I ride back along the 3097 to N14.24.786 E105.07.148 then take a right onto a dirt track to ride to the Huai Chan La Reservoir and park the bike at N14.24.712 E105.07.856

The overflow

At N14.27.337 E105.06.220 I turn to look for this lot

Thai dogs doing what they do best

Some building work is taking place

No cement mixers here, its done by hand

After 2 km at N14.26.305 E105.06.090 the road turns to dirt and here is the entrance to the Yoddom Wildlife Sanctuary, I notice on the gps that this dirt track goes to the village that I visited just before

I ride back to N14.27.337 E105.06.220 and take a left along another unumbered road to ride to another reservoir, after 0.6 km at N14.27.320 E105.05.944 the surface turns to unpaved but its not too hard going

2 km later at N14.27.111 E105.04.917 its back to a paved surface and here its picture time

I ride to N14.27.226 E105.03.131 where I stop at the overflow of the Huai Wang Yai Reservoir, its amazing how many reservoirs there are out here and lots of them dont show on my Thinknet map but the gps shows them to me

A final shot of the reservoir then its time to head home, I reach the 2248 at N14.28.613 E105.03.301.
My plan was to take the 2214 north for about 10 km then do a left and ride to Kantharalak but things didnt quite work out that way and I ended up back on the 2248 so tomorrow I must suss out this route from the opposite end

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Get the gdb file here …

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