Jan 082011

The route 226, 2010, 2083, 4041, 2083, 4018, 4022, Unknown 2076

Total distance 197 km

I took the 226 heading west for a few km then a right onto the narrow winding

This road goes through a few villages and was nice and peaceful

I reach the 2083 and turn left onto it for a couple of km then its a left
onto the 4041 to Bueng Bun

That scaffolding looks relatively safe by Thai standards but not that I
personally would wish to be up there on it

Another pleasant quiet road and fully paved to start with

I see lots of water being pumped out of reservoirs along todays ride

The road surface now is sometimes paved and sometimes not, I take a right at
N15.24.704 E103.49.759 to ride through a village and reach the banks of the
Mun river at N15.24.884 E103.49.446

Near the river is this temple

I looked for this track on last years trip as it shows on my Thinknet map and
I rode some of it but kept ending up on the 2076, today with the help of the
gps which showed up the minor dirt tracks I was able to follow it correctly

The unpaved sections along todays ride were
N15.23.440 E103.57.640-N15.23.623 E103.56.856
N15.23.827 E103.54.866-N15.23.926 E103.54.673
N15.24.992 E103.52.273-N15.24.677 E103.50.888
N15.24.679 E103.50.273-N15.22.296 E103.49.340
N15.21.516 E103.49.137-N15.21.398 E103.46.069
N15.20.806 E103.44.303-N15.20.597 E103.43.619

I think its time to look for a detour

These friendly kids soon point me in the right direction

Todays ride was a fun relaxing one, a bit dusty at times but really enjoyable
all the same, I reach Tha Tum and take the 2076 home

Sausage,chips beans and fried onions at Franks for 125 Baht.
Get the gdb file here …

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