Dec 052008

The Route 2373, 2168, 2412, 2168, 226, 2360, 2125, 221

Total Distance 170km

I took the 2373 northwards then the 2168 eastwards and 9km before Kanthararom I took a left onto the 2412

The 2412 is a road I havent tried before

It might be the Kings birthday but there are a lot of workers out in these fields working hard today, no holiday for them

Looking at the amount of rice still to cut they wont be finished anytime soon

Some good bends on this road and its in good condition too

11km from the start and the tarmac finishes

I dont think that I am going to try riding through there, maybe later on in the season when its drier. I ride back to the 2168, turn left and ride to the 226 at Kanthararom. I turn right and less than 1km its a left onto the 2360

This is another good condition road with a few curves here and there

I stop here for a break, its so peaceful out here today, just nobody about

Even a sandbank for sunbathing here

I ride along the 2360 until I come to a t junction with the 2125 , I take a right, this road is pretty crap, I reach the 221 turn right and ride to Si Saket

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