Feb 232010

The route 220, 3008, 3023, 3016, 220, 2167, 2234, 226

Total distance 170 km

It was some new parts needed this morning, the gap between the hooked teeth looks a bit bigger than it should be so a new front sprocket and chain were put on. Even after 74000 km the rear sprocket is still the original and hasnt worn so was not replaced, the front sprocket and the chain had both done 46000 km so not bad

Four punctures in this tyre must be a record for me

Marco this is what a tyre should look like before you replace it. 4500 Baht for everything including the labour which took a while as its a one piece chain

The guy in the shop insisted on cleaning my bike, with the new tyre, chain and front sprocket plus a lot less weight to carry around the bike should perform better

Its just gone midday before I get away so not too far today just enough to bed the new tyre in. I head out of town on the 220 and about ten km from town I take a left onto the 3008 to ride a side road that runs parallel to the 220, the above picture is from a body of water near to Wang Chin

I ride on southerly and the road is now the 3023, the bike certainly runs smoother with the new parts on it. There were a lot of potholes in places along this road

At a T junction I take the right and now I am on the 3016

I ride on till I reach the 220 then take a right and about two km later I take a left onto the 2167

I didnt expect to see an elephant out here

A pleasant ride along here with minimal traffic

A few km the other side of Prang Ku the road becomes the 2234

Its a good ride along to Samrong Thap and here its a right onto the 226 and back to Si Saket

A German smoked pork chop with onions and home fries at Franks tonight for 150 Baht

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