Feb 262010

The route 2373, 4045, 4014, 2227, Unknown, 4034, 3012, Unknown, 2086, 215, 202, 3013, 6047, 3008, 202, 2043, 2227, 2083, 2351, 2168, 5009

Total distance 332 km

I head out on the 2373 and at the crossroads with the 2168 I go straight over and now I am on the 4045

Thats a lot of straw coming my way

This road is in much better condition that when I last rose along here a couple of years ago when it was just potholes joined together

I reach Kho Wang and turn right then after a couple of hundred metres I take a left onto the 4014

I cant remember whether I have ever rode along here before, the memorys obviously going

Its a pleasant enough ride with some decent bends

This reservoir hasnt dropped much

I reach the 2083 do a left and almost immediately do a right onto the 2227

New rice growing either side along here for as far as I can see

About four km before Phanom Phrai I take a left onto an unnumbered road on my map

This was todays mystery trip as nothing fell into place and I think the road I was on definitely wasnt on the map

After stopping in a village and getting directions to two places on my map I determined roughly where I was and set off again

I reach the 4034 and turn right onto it

I reach another village and at a crossroads I have to go straight over for Phon Sai, typically the other three roads are asphalt and mines gravel

Finally I reach Phon Sai after goodness knows how long in the unknown, here I get on the 3012 and soon reach a crossroads with the 2086. I go straight over and now its another unnumbered road

After about twelve km I take a right onto an unsurfaced road

After a while its an asphalt surface

I reach the 2086 and turn left onto it

I reach a T junction with the 215 and stop for a break

This poor dogs lost a leg

But a very friendly dog though, from here I turn right onto the 215 and a few km further on take a right onto the 202

About six km later I take a left onto the 3013, on my map it looked quite twisty but in reality it wasnt as good as I had hoped for

After about twenty km I take a right onto the 6047

This is a much bendier road

It becomes the 3008 and takes me back to the 202 where I turn left onto it then its the 2043, 2227, 2083 then a left onto the 2351

Funny looking trees

The shadow tells me the times getting on and I ride on to the 2168 turn left then take a right onto the 5009 back to Si Saket

After lots of Franks fried food I needed some vegetables tonight so it was the 99 Baht buffet with lots of mushrooms cabbage and raw onions

Plus the ice cream included in the price

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