Jan 102011

The route 221, 2125, 2034, 4006, 226

Total distance 144 km

This tre was rather pleasing to the eye

But it looks like a lot has already fallen off

No way of getting away from the onions around here

With the correct blade these small petrol cutters cut most things down

All these trees have just been cut down with it

Along the 2125 and at N14.51.630 E104.35.331 the road turns to dirt

8.3 km later at N14.54.956 E104.37.520 its back to asphalt and the road becomes the 2034, I reach the 2085 and cross straight over still on the 2034

At N14.58.053 E104.39.200 the road turns to dirt

I reach the Huai Khuan Reservoir and just after at N15.01.199 E104.40.751 the road returns to paved after a 9.6 offroad section.
Further on there is another 350 metre section of dirt from N15.01.773 E104.40.760 to N15.01.924 E104.40.875

The Huai Phai Reservoir

I reach the 226 turn left and ride home

Pancakes filled with ground pork, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers and herbs tonight at Franks for 135 Baht.
Get the gdb file here …

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