Feb 242010

The route 221, 2125, 2360, 2085, 4019, 2085, 4006, 2178, Unknown, 226

Total distance 193 km

I took the 221 out of town then after about thirty km I took a left onto the 2125 and about ten km later take a left onto the 2360

I stop at this small river where I visited about a week ago and more sand is being excavated from here. The recent rains have raised the water level a bit

I ride to Kantharom turn right onto the 226 for about one km then take a right onto the 2085, about five km along here I take a left onto the 4019

This is a pleasant quiet road thar loops back onto the 2085 a few km further south

Plenty of chilli pickers in this field

After a nice little loop I am back on the 2085

Probably the same river that I stopped at on the 2360

This sign made me chuckle, perhaps its a Whites only district

I take a left onto the 4006 to ride to Nonkoon and this is a pleasant road to the 2178

I take a left onto the 2178 and its a well surfaced road that turns into a dual carriageway

After about twelve km I take a left onto an unnumbered road that starts off as an asphalt road

Then its like this for a few km

Now its back to asphalt again

A reservoir out here makes a pleasant place to take a breather. Then I ride on a few more km until I reach the 226, here I turn left and ride back to Si Saket

Walking to Franks and this is a nice hole to fall into in the dark

Its quite deep plus theres the metal to spear yourself on as well, health and safety in Thailand is a joke

At Franks I have a schnitzelburger in a bun with chips and fried onions for 180 Baht

I was told that this takes some eating and thats definitely the truth, this took all my powers of gluttony (and believe me I possess a lot) to eat this monster

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