Feb 272010

The route 2373, 2168, 4029, 4034, 2086, 3012, 3022, 202, 215, 2086, 2168, 2373

Total distance 326 km

I took the 2373 out of town for about twenty km then at a crossroads I take a left onto the 2168 and ride to Rasi Salai

Plenty of workers out in the fields today

At Rasi Salai I take a right then about four km later I take a left onto the 4029 and a brand new surface to start with

There is the odd pothole here and there, after about thirteen km I take a left onto the 4034 and this takes me to the 2086

I turn right onto the 2086 which is a very well surfaced road

After about ten km I take a right onto the 3012 towards Phon Sai and to explore this new road in the area that I tried out yesterday

This reservoir looks a bit low

They seem to be enjoying their swim

This looks quite new and nothing has been done to make it appealing to the eye

Perhaps thats why theres not much water as it looks like its still being constructed

Everything is bone dry out here today

I thought at first that this girl had been in an accident but it was just cosmetic treatment

This baby just wouldnt look at the camera

No matter what angle or coaxing from her mother she just wouldnt look

The dog on the other hand was a lot more obliging

I ride on and another reservoir along the way is low on water too

I reach a T junction with the 3022 and turn left

It turns into a good new surface in places and I stop in Nong Hi for a break then its on the road again

I reach the 202, turn left and ride to Suwannaphum then here I take a left onto the 215 for about five km then its a left onto the 2086

A large body of water before I reach Rasi Salai

I ride on to Rasi Salai then take the 2168 then the 2373 back to Si Saket after another fun day exploring more new side roads for the third day running

A salami pizza at Franks tonight for 175 Baht, Frank has drunk too much has argued with the wife and informs me that tomorrow is the last day of business here and thats hes returning to Germany. Hopefully tomorrow everything will be back to normal as Si Saket just wouldnt be the same without Frank and his restaurant as its a great meeting point for expats plus the brilliant food here

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