Feb 282010

The route 226, Unknown, 3022, 3007, 4003, 2076, 2262, Unknown, 2079, 4017, 214, 2334, 2079, 226

Total distance 252 km

I took the 226 heading west out of town for about ten km then took a left onto a narrow unnumbered concrete road

This soon crosses over the railway line at an unmanned crossing with no barriers

Looking towards Surin and the line is clear

Looking back towards Si Saket and one of the very few trains a day is coming

I was surprised at how fast it went over the crossing considering that it stopped at the station just along from here

I ride on and then its a very slippery mud bath that is very treacherous riding indeed

Finally it turns to asphalt

I cross over the railway line again and just over at a crossroads I take the left onto the 3022 and ride into Uthumphon Phisai

I reach the 226 and go straight across and now I am on the 3007 and a few potholes here and there

Its pretty dry all along here

I reach a T junction and turn right onto the 4003

Another road with some potholes that takes me to the 2076

The 2076 is a superbly surfaced road and I ride along here for about five km then take a left onto the 2262

After about three km I take a right onto an unnumbered road that starts off as asphalt with lots of potholes then in places is gravel, sometimes a good surface but generally not. After passing through Non Narai I dont know where I went but somehow ended up on the 2079 halfway between Rattana Buri and Sikhoraphum

I turn left onto the 2079 and about five km later I take a right onto the 4017 towards Chom Phra

The asphalt surface ended at some small village then its this gravel track

After some km I reach the 214 three km north of Chom Phra, I turn left and ride into town then take a left onto the 2334. At the 2334s finish its a right onto the 2079 to the 226 then a left and back to Si Saket

Gammon ham, chips, onions and eggs at Franks tonight for 200 Baht

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