Feb 182010

The route 221, 3012, 4036, 2360, 2125, 2085, 2168, 2404, 2382, 5009

Total distance 186 km

I took the 221 out of town then at a crossroads took a left onto the 3012

Pretty dry out here

I ride into a village with some old buildings and here take a right onto the 4036

Both of these roads were well surfaced

At Nam Kliang I take a right onto the 2360 and a few km later its a right still on the 2360 then a bit further on a left onto the 2125 which takes me to this village with the clock tower in the roundabout

I go straight over and about one km later the road turns to unsurfaced although its flat and apart from the dust when another vehicle comes along its a pleasant ride

I ride on enjoying the peacefulness for about twenty km

I reach the 2085 and turn left, its a dusty start as resurfacing is taking place along here

Then its this lovely surface with some bends until I reach the 226 where I go straight over onto the 2168

Plenty of chillis drying out here

Some of the locals at the temple

I ride on a few km then take a right onto the 2404 to ride to Khueang Nai

This will be a nice wide road when its finished

Towards Khueang Nai and the new wider surfaced section. I ride into Khueang Nai and spend the afternoon at Marcos place drinking coffee and chatting, thanks Marco. Then its the 2382 to Yang Chum Noi and the 5009 back to Si Saket

Another of Franks good pizzas tonight for 175 Baht

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  1. Hi Tommy

    Marco is a friend who lives there, I visited him at his home


  2. Where is marcos at in Khueang Nai?

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