Jan 022011

The route 221, 2111, 2128, 2341, 3146, 2157, 220

Total distance 209 km

I took the 221 then the 2111 to Khun Han to visit Wat Lan Khuat otherwise known as The Million Bottle Temple
To find it is easy, from the very big roundabout in Khun Han take the 2128 for 0.4 km then here at N14.36.993 E104.25.196 take a right onto the 2043 and then immediately take another right onto a narrow concrete road for 0.2 km to N14.37.103 E104.25.169 and here it is

Its been just over two years since I last visited and everything is exactly the way I remembered it

Its littluns turn to bash the gong now

I notice lots of people looking up at this tower and I realize its a rather large bees nest up there

Surprisingly these are not made of bottles

A nice house along the 2341

At N14.34.413 E104.18.730 I take a left onto an unnumbered road that is paved for 2.8 km until N14.32.906 E104.18.706

Then after 0.25 km of dirt I arrive at the Ta Koet Reservoir at N14.32.797 E104.18.691

A pleasant ride along the 2341 today

A lot of Thais out in this field today

Some small fish have been caught

Rather them than me in there though

At N14.34.370 E104.17.020 I take a left onto the 3146 to ride to the Red Sapphire 06 Village and this caught my eye just along here

Most of these kids just love posing for photos

Holiday time here alright

I go to look at the Tham Sra Phong Temple at N14.32.652 E104.15.817 but construction is not complete yet, in fact I have visited this lots of times over the last five years and nothing seems to get done, if I remember correctly there was a lot of scaffolding around it before

Now its off to ride through the Chulaphorn Wildlife Captive Breeding Centre

Its really beautiful and peaceful riding through here and surprisingly considering its holiday time its deserted

This tree trunk looks a bit hollow inside

Looking inside

Its an asphalt road in here to N14.30.600 E104.16.495 then its unpaved

I ride on a further 0.8 km to N14.30.241 E104.16.333

I ride back to the asphalt then take a left and ride out along one of the tracks until N14.30.537 E104.16.174, my gps shows some of these and I will explore them in the future now that I have an idea of where I am going and I notice some of them appear to lead back to the 2341

Riding back towards the 2341 and the Na Charia Reservoir

Its slightly overflowing

Along the 2341 and some new rice is growing

At N14.34.747 E104.14.629 I take a left onto a concrete road and 0.4 km later at N14.34.568 E104.14.583 it turns to dirt

Lots of kids here playing and swimming in the irrigation canal

After 5.4 km of dirt I reach this at N14.32.476 E104.14.087, hopefully next visit will see it finished

I ride back a bit then take a right to ride to the reservoirs overflow

N14.32.863 E104.14.425 and virtually at capacity

The other half of my lasagna at Willys tonight.
Get the gdb file here …

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