Apr 162009

The route 226, 231, 217, 2222, 2173, 217, 231, 226

Total distance 310 km

I headed out of town on the 226, this the 231 and the 217 to Phibun Mangsahan were nothing special, just a means of A to B, here I take the 2222 which is a much more pleasant road

Along the 2222 I see three small boys throwing a bit of water but apart from them Songkran has completely finished where I went today and nothing in Si Saket either

I ride to Kkong Chiam and stop for breakfast/lunch

A pork pie, this takes me back to my teens/early twenties when I ate tons of the things, in november I ate one in Si Saket and that was probably the first one for twenty years

An English treat, a pork pie and a bag of crisps, a great breakfast/lunch

The Mekong is only flowing through this narrow channel now

The trees are out of the water now

21st november 2008

Its the 2173 now which is another pleasant ride

The water level in the Sirindhon dam is down a few metres and a lot of grass is out of the water as I ride along the 217

Lots of people enjoying themselves here today

Pork Ghoulash with onions, red/yellow peppers, paprika and pasta tonight at Franks. 125 Baht

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