Jan 052011

The route 2373, 2168, 2086, 4034, 2089, 4029, 3087, 3012, Unknown, 3022, 2227, 4010, 2351, 3097, 4045,

Total distance 232 km

Out along the 2168 and the onion planters are busy, this will be one of my first jobs on getting back to England

At N15.24.557 E104.04.102 I take a right onto a new stretch of asphalt that wasnt here in february but no road number as it only shows as a dirt track on my gps

Theres an awful lot of water in lots of places where I ride today

The unknown road turns to dirt after 1.9 km at N15.25.371 E104.04.460 and I turn round and ride back to the 2086

I ride along the 2086 for a few more km then take a right onto the 4034 to explore lots of the meandering narrow roads between here and the 2227

Just farming country today and I see lots of these

Riding through one of the many villages and this derelict house loks like its falling down

At N15.31.326 E103.57.049 I take a right onto an unnumbered road heading to Nong Hi and about 300 metres along here is Wat Buppharam Ban Hua Dong

The craftsman at work

We both share the same passion, music while we work

350 metres from the 2086 at N15.31.511 E103.57.061 and the road turns to unpaved until N15.32.550 E103.57.261 2 km later, I ride on taking the 3022 to the 2227 then turn right and ride home after a relaxing days ride

A pizza for 175 Baht at Franks tonight.
Get the gdb file here …

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