Dec 272010

The route, 226, 231, 217, 2173, 2296, 2396, 2038, 2182, Hwy 24

Total distance 412 km

Heading towards Ubon Ratchathani on the 226 I spotted this on the roadside

Along the 217 and the first sight of the Lam Dom Noi Reservoir that the Sirinthon dam is on

This is strange, a monday morning and no electricity is being produced here

About 1.5 metres below maximum

I ride down to the Pak Mun Dam at N15.16.927 E105.28.026 and surprisingly the Mun river is flowing freely today

Thats certainly a fast current over those rocks

This is only the second time in my many visits here that I have seen all the gates fully up

I ride to the Chong Mek border crossing and notice a brand new 7-11 that wasnt here in february when I last visited

The 217 heads west and I follow it to its terminus at N15.07.498 E105.24.972 on the edge of the Lam Dom Noi Reservoir

Now on the mostly well surfaced 2396

At N14.53.775 E105.27.881 I take a left onto the 2038 and ride 5.6 km to the Huay Sai Yai Waterfall, the asphalt road finishes at N14.55.074 E105.30.300 and the waterfall is about a 50 metre walk away

The only problem today was a lack of water

As dry as a bone, I have visited here once before and seen water but that was in early november

Its a pleasant twisty road to get to it though

I stop in one of the villages that I ride through

Here in this village this poster caught my eye

As theres a phone number perhaps they have one of these old relics for sale

Further along the 2396 at N14.45.119 E105.27.414 I take a left to ride along an unnumbered road for 2.6 km to the overflow of this reservoir at N14.45.239 E105.28.669

Another one thats about 50 mm from maximum, this reservoir is not showing on my gps or Thinknet map but the gps shows a river flowing here, the Huai Mak Yai, so thats what I will know the reservoir as

As I pass the Tesco Lotus in Det Udom I see a Predator

Then an Alien

The pictures arent great but I was facing the sun and had to take them on zoom from under the shade of a tree

A lovely pork burger with lettuce, onions and fries at Franks tonight for 120 Baht.
Get the gdb file here …

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