Mar 052008
The route 221, 2111, 2127, 2235, 4047, 2235, 2341, 2157, 220
Total distance 304 km

I took the 221 out of Si Saket and after about 25 km it was a right onto the 2111 which takes me into Khun Han

About 2 km out of Si Saket I meet another one of these bikes laden with bowls

It wasnt far away where I saw the lady doing the same

Perhaps they are a husband and wife team, but hes not making full use of all available space is he, surely theres room in the basket for some more smaller ones

At Khun Han I take the 2127 and later on a left onto the 2235, after a couple of kms its a right onto the 4047 to go see the waterfall at the end of this road, I was not expecting to see much water and I was not disappointed either

It was a lot better at the end of november though

I ride back to the 2235 and ride west getting on the 2341 and after about 30 km where the 2128 from Khun Han joins this road I stop at a restaurant called Cosy Corner. I passed here in november but it was on a tuesday and there was a sign outside saying they were closed on tuesdays, incidentally they dont close on a tuesday anymore. It sells Thai, American and Italian food, I tried the fry doe, its something that I have never heard of before but the owner, an American from Texas said its a speciality back home and yes it was pretty good. Next time I am out here I might try one of his steaks

A reservoir along the 2341, the water level has dropped a few metres now since november, I turn right onto the 2157 and this takes me to Khu Khan, here its a 7-11 stop then its the 220 back to Si Saket. A pleasant days riding and the roads were all in good condition

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