Feb 162010

The route 5009, 4053, 2373, 2168, 2382, 2404, 2168, 5009

Total distance 137 km

I spotted this old 1970s 125 Suzuki in the Suzuki shop here this morning, its for show only and not for sale

I take the 5009 out of town then very soon take a left onto the 4053

Its a bit dry out here and although the road surface is promising to start with it soon gets pot holed and its not one that I will bother riding again

I reach the 2383 and take a right

The Mun river is pretty low along here

At a crossroads I take a right to ride to Yang Chum Noi and here I take a left onto the 2382 and ride to Khueang Nai

I take the 2404 out of Khueang Nai and its not a bad surface to start with

Then its dirt for a few km

And where its asphalt its being widened so a dusty ride along here

I thought at first that this girl was picking tomatoes

But they are off of the chilli plant

The part of the plant that I eat

What they taste like I have no idea but apparantly they are not hot and spicy

I reach the 2168 turn right and ride to Yang Chum Noi

Here I take a left and ride home along the 5009

A 300 Baht large lasagna at Uncle Willys tonight

Half tonight and the other half in a few days time

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