Feb 142010

The route 5009, 2382, Hwy 223, 2383, 2049, 2134, 2135, 2112, 2134, 2173, 2296, 2222, 217, 231, 226

Total distance 416 km

I took the 5009 out of town to Yang Chum Noi then from there the 2382 to Khueang Nai

Green fields are much easier on the eyes and the nostrils than burning ones are

At Khueang Nai its a left onto hwy 23 for a few km then a right onto the 2383

Although the 2383 was a rough bumpy road for the first couple of km it soon turned into a great surface

I ride to Samsip and do a left onto the 212 for about one km then its a right onto the 2049 and another well surfaced road

At Phana I take a right onto the 2134 and this has some bends in places

Like lots of the smaller rivers out here this one is hardly flowing at all

Halfway towards Khong Chiam I take a left onto the 2135 to follow what looks a twisty road

A slightly better flow in this river

The spelling is up to the usual standard

Its certainly a very pleasant ride along here

Those buffalos have certainly got the right idea as its baking hot right now

I reach the 2112 and do a right then stop for a break at the Buddah

These people stop here too

A slightly larger tuk tuk is what brought them here

Some decent bends along this road too

A fire but not from slash and burn

One way of keeping the tractors clean

This one really is chucking out lots of smoke

I ride on reaching the 2134 and turn left then ride on into Khong Chiam

The Mekong

The Mekong/Mun confluence

The Mun has got a lot of water in it but not much flow

I take the 2173 to ride to the Pak Mun Dam

The gates are down at the dam, only once in my many visits were they ever opened

For the second consecutive day I come across a truck where its not supposed to be

I reach the 2222 and take a left

A pleasant ride along the 2222 then at Phibun Mangsahan I take the 217 towards Ubon Ratchathani. The 2231 bypass takes me to the 226 and then its on home to Si Saket

Its a buffet dinner in town tonight

There seems to be loads of diffent prices but mine was 99 Baht which is about usual

Walking around town this dog was sitting in the motorcycle basket

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