Feb 192010

The route 221, 6032, Unknown, 2033, 2248, 221, 2335, 4054, 2236, 2127, 2111, 221

Total distance 314 km

This cats either brave or stupid but it moved once I started the bike

I take the 221 to Kantharalak the take the 6032 heading south east

After perhaps twenty km it becomes apparent that I an not heading in the right direction anymore and I take a right onto an unnumbered road

The tapioca crop has recently been harvested

And a new crop recently planted

Its a pleasant road to start with then gets a bit potholed in places

I take a left onto the 2033 and nineteen km of this road takes me to the 2248

I do a right onto the 2248 and enjoy the good new road surface

At the 2248s end I turn right onto the 221 for less than one km then take a left onto the 2335

This good surface is along here too

I take a left onto the 4054 to visit the Wang Yai waterfall although I doubt that there will be much water overflowing

Quite a lot of rubber tree plantations out this way today

Its always a very pleasant ride along here and another vehicle is seldom encountered

Not much activity at the waterfall

This is the only flow that I see here today

Nothing is cascading over these rocks today

On the way back I nearly run into the back of the bamboo pole that he is holding, it was very long and not being green I hardly noticed it. I reach the 2335 turn left and ride on to its finish where I take a left onto the 2236

This runs down to the Cambodian border

The gate into Cambodia that always used to be locked but now is open

I ride back stopping to look in at the reservoir built two years ago

The water level is quite a lot lower than last years visit

I head home along the 2127 to Khun Han and here take the 2111 towards Si Saket

Its a mixture of new rice growing and dry fields

Where the 2111 meets the 221 I turn left and ride home

I try a different Korean style buffet tonight near the hospital as I am told that this one is very popular

The usual variety of food

99 Baht for as much as you want

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