Feb 152010

The route 226, 231, 217, 2396, 2182, Hwy 24, 231, 226

Total distance 400 km

It was out of town east along the 226 then the 231 Ubon bypass to pick up the 217, the 217 is undergoing widening which makes for a dusty journey and wasnt very pleasant to ride on until I reached the Sirithon reservoir

I have never noticed jet skis and the inflatable banana on here before

I expected lots of electricity would be being generated on a monday morning but thats certainly not the case today

Just past Chong Mek I take a left onto the 2396

Theres been the odd fire along here but not too much

Its a pleasant ride along this road and a nice new surface in places

I take a left and ride to the Huay Sai Yai waterfall but theres one important ingredient missing, water

Its totally bone dry up here

Its only six km from the 2396 and a pleasant little road up to it

Back on the 2396 and on towards Buntharik

I take another turn to my left that goes for a couple of km to this reservoir

Virtually at maximum capacity, as I ride away I find my rear tyre is flat and its another puncture

Back along the road and the tapioca crop is being harvested

I slowly ride to Buntharik and here a nail is taken out of my tyre and a dog shyte repair is put in

As I get to Det Udom the rear tyre goes down again and stopping to pump it up at a PTT station the digital guage shows that I was riding with only 2psi pressure, no wonder it was feeling wobbly. I ride on along hwy 24 towards Ubon and I stop at a Michelin repair shop and another hole is found in the rear tyre so the second dog shyte repair of the day is put in. This fixes the problem and its on home to Si Saket

A German frying suasage, chips, onions and beans at Franks tonight for 125 Baht

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