Feb 202010

The route 221, 2111, 2127, 2341, Unknown, 4035, 4001, 2201, 220

Total distance 243 km

I took the 221 out of town then after about twenty five km I took a right onto the 2111

Its flat but a pleasant fairly quiet road to ride on and takes me into Khun Han, here I take the 2127

About ten km south of Khun Han I take a right onto the 2341

The Huai Ta Ngu reservoir is down a fair bit

There appears to be more Thais around that small section than the rest of the reservoir

Time to ride on along this very quiet road

Its a family day out at the irrigation canal

This lad was running, somersaulting and diving into the canal, quite an athlete

Now its bath time

This is unbelieveable, I watched him set up the pump, prime it and expected him to fill lots of drums with water instead its just to wash the truck with

It looks like I am under attack here

A few curves along here

I take a left onto an unnumbered road and I reckon today must be national wash your vehicle day, I thought about cleaning the Phantom but as they say its the thought that counts I considered that enough

Usually this small reservoir is virtually full and today was no exception

Back on the 2341

Lots of new rice along here today

I reach a crossroads and ride straight across and now I am on the 4035

This ice cream man was busy in a small village as everywhere that I looked people were eating ice creams

Plenty of old shacks for homes here in this village

A bit further on and the road surface really improves which was a real bonus because the road only showed as a red line on my map so could have turned to dirt at anytime

I come to a T junction and its a right onto the 4001 then about one kmlater the road becomes the 2201 and crosses over hwy 24, this was always a potholes bumpy road but has now been resurfaced and is a very good surface indeed

At Khu Khan I take a left onto the 220 and along here this lorry is being retreived

Slowly its winched around

The liquid dripping out of those bags really stinks and has attracted thousands of flies so time to ride on

The other half of my lasagna at Uncle Willys for tea tonight

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