Nov 292008

The route 221, 2111, 2128, 2341, 2157, 220

Total Distance 233km

I took the 221 then the 2111 to Khun Han then the 2128 heading west, this joins the 2341

The 2341 is mostly in good condition what I rode of it today

A ride to the Red Sapphire Village and more water here than usual

A saw a sign for a waterfall and tried in vain to find it

I must have spent easily an hour riding along these dirt tracks looking for the elusive waterfall, I finally realise that I wasnt meant to find it and go back

I ride to the Huai Sala reservoir and this one is overflowing

I wasted too long looking for the waterfall and its time to head back home, so its the 2157 and 220 back to Si Saket

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  1. Hello Nuttiya.

    Glad you enjoyed it and like you I also enjoy exploring anywhere.


  2. So good ,I like anywhere

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