Feb 212010

The route 220, 2157, 2341, 4001, Unknown, 2201, 220

Total distance 235 km

I took the 220 south out of town then just past Khu Khan it was a left onto the 2157 which crosses over hwy 24

I reach a crossroads and go straight across and now I am on the 2341 and I ride to the Huai Sala reservoir

Just over two metres down from capacity and its quite hazy out here today

A small fire burning in the distance

Along the 2341, its not a racetrack surface but its not potholed either and its very pleasant riding out here

Plus its reasonably twisty too

I reach the other side of the Huai Sala reservoir and stop for some more photos

Lots of these flags along this road

A little bit of burning has taken place here

The road surface has improved now

Its starting to rain slightly, hopefully nothing too heavy

I reach the 4001 and turn right then about ten km later do another right onto an unnumbered road to ride to Phu Sing. Theres four on this bike including the dog

Its a pleasant twisty road

Along here and they obviously got the rain as there are puddles for a few km

Time to get some village life pictures here

Everyone was very friendly and smiling

Time to move on along this quiet road

At Phu Sing I take a left and head north still on an unnumbered road

I reach hwy 24 and go straight across on this unsurfaced road for about five km until it joins the 2201 and from here its on home first along the 2201 then the 220

An English sunday roast at Franks tonight, roast pork, onions, roast potatoes, cauliflower, brocolli, carrots and gravy for 175 Baht, it was a lovely filling meal too

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