Jan 032011

The route 220, 2157, 2341, 4001, 2201

Total distance 244 km

A spicy chicken and basil for breakfast in Khu Khan plus the soup for 30 Baht warmed my stomach up for the days ride

Along the 2341 at N14.32.680 E104.12.520 I take a left turn signposted to Wat Pu Sing and 2.8 km later at N14.32.015 E104.13.380 I reach it, or the ongoing construction of it

Worth another visit next trip

At N14.31.830 E104.12.059 its a right to visit the Huai Sala Reservoir

1.7 km later I reach the overflow at N14.31.721 E104.11.380

Back on the 2341

Further along the 2341 passes through the Huai Sala Reservoir

The 2341 has some good twisty bits

Some workers tending their crops

I dont know the name of this temple at N14.27.948 E104.04.303

I stop at a shop for a snack and the owner shows me his bike powered by a Yamaha 750 with shaft drive

I do a left onto the 4001 then at N14.25.892 E104.03.671 I turn left onto a concrete road and 0.3 km later at N14.25.896 E104.03.875 it turns to dirt.
I ride another 0.3 km to N14.25.885 E104.04.036 which is the over flow of the Ban Sai Pai Reservoir

The water level is about 0.5 metres below capacity here

I ride along the 4001 to the Chong Sangam border crossing, the asphalt finishes at N14.20.918 E104.03.699 and 0.4 km later at N14.20.752 E104.03.793 its the first barrier

A couple of hundred metres along there is the actual border crossing but I cant be bothered to walk up there

Back from the border a little bit theres a square area with lots of Immigration buildings that are really starting to get overgrown and the roads that criss cross each other are breaking up.
They have been built ready for a big border crossing but it just hasnt happened and in the present political climate between the two countries who knows when it will be properly opened

This building looks fairly new and isnt overgrown yet

Riding back and overlooking the Huai Samran Reservoir

At N14.26.087 E104.03.670 I take a left onto a dirt track to find it

2.3 km later at N14.25.501 E104.03.015 its the overflow

Riding back along the 2201

A schnitzel burger onions and fries for 150 Baht at Franks tonight and this meal really takes some eating.
Get the gdb file here …

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