Dec 312010

The route 221, 2189, 6032, 2074, 45003, 2033, 2136, 2214, 2248

Total distance 288 km

Heading out along the 221 I take a left just before reaching Hwy 24 to view the Huai Ta Mai Reservoir, these guys have turned the water supply to the irrigation channel off and are removing the turning wheel

That wheel looked heavy by the way they were struggling with it

I thought that looked a bit small for the overflow on a reservoir as large as this one

Then not far away I saw there was another one, I guess the smaller sinkhole lets some out and if the level gets too much higher this lets the rest out

I ride to Kantharalak taking the 2189 then the 2074 to try to find the route heading south east to where I want to go, I then am on the 45003 followed by the 2033 then an unnumbered road that turns to dirt at N14.34.118 E104.48.801

Its a bit dusty but easy riding along here

Lots of tapioca some growing and some harvested here, the road occasionally goes back to paved for two or three short distances but then is dirt until I reach the 2136 at N14.33.354 E104.54.468

I head east along the 2248 until N14.28.748 E104.58.821 where I take a right and I dont actually remember riding this road before

Its a good road and goes right to the Cambodian border

12.5 km later at N14.23.377 E104.57.964 I reach the Army camp at the border

Looking back into Thailand

The border gate is locked and it doesnt look like visas are available here

Looking inside Cambodia

Time to ride back along this lovely very twisty road and I get back to the 2248 turning left to head west and carry on exploring

At N14.27.935 E104.49.699 I take a left and ride to the Huai Kanon Reservoir 3.3 km down this road, I park at the overflow at N14.26.524 E104.49.558

Another one thats as good as full

Theres some kids playing in the overflow

Riding back towards the 2248 and rubber trees here

There were lots of chickens running free here but these three more valuable ones were not allowed out

On my way back along the 221 I was stopped and asked to do a breathalyser test, in all my 37 years whilst riding a motorbike this is the first time I have ever been asked to do this. Once I got the camera out and photograped it some of the helpers at the roadside began laughing and the Policeman put it away and waved me on, so now you know what to do if asked to take it

A large lasagna at Willys tonight for 300 Baht, half was eaten and the other half is for sunday nights dinner, Frank is closed for three days so its other eating venues until he reopens.
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