Dec 282010

The route 226, 231, Hwy 24, 2182, 2396, 2248, 2254, 4029

Total distance 409 km

I take the 226,231,hwy24 and then the 2182 to Buntharik to carry on riding from where I left off yesterday but first I stop in a little restaurant in Buntharik for breakfast.
They had no chicken so it was a spicy stir fried pork with basil leaves and here it was cooked to my satisfaction, satisfied it was time to ride on

I take the 2182 to the junction with the 2396 and at N14.44.093 E105.27.419 I take a left onto the 2182 according to the marker posts but the 2396 according to my gps

After 8.7 km of a mainly twisty asphalt surface it turns to dirt at N14.42.180 E105.31.001

1.1 km later I am at the Lao border at N14.42.213 E105.31.462, its the first time that I have rode here for about four years but unfortunately its not market day today, only on monday, wednesday and friday.
Once before I rode here and was allowed to cross the border for the market but on recent visits I was told to leave the bike at the checkpoint some 2 km before the border and get a motorcycle taxi, apparently thats still the case and I certainly cant be bothered doing that

Now for the ride back along the nice twisty road

I ride back to N14.44.093 E105.27.419 and take a left onto an unnumbered road

I soon reach the slightly overflowing Huai Din Dam Noi Reservoir

And just past that its the Huai Din Dam Yai Reservoir thats also overflowing

3.2 km later at N14.42.605 E105.27.041 the surface turns to unpaved and I ride back stopping for photos in a village

Further along the 2248 at N14.37.987 E105.21.716 I take a left onto the 2254 and ride for 11.2 km to N14.33.455 E105.20.365 where this turns to unpaved, the gps shows this going on and rejoining the 2248 and its another road to try out next visit

A game of table tennis is in progress at the school

Riding back towards the 2248 and I stop at Wat Sukhantharam

Then at N14.35.951 E105.22.574 I take a right onto a concrete road to ride to Huai Hin Dam Reservoir but after 100 metres at N14.35.933 E105.22.637 its a dirt track for another 0.9 km to N14.36.105 E105.23.044

I was wondering why there was virtually no water in here then I saw the reason why, the dam has collapsed letting the water escape

I ride into Na Chaluai and at N14.31.381 E105.14.989 take a left onto an unnumbered road riding past this reservoir

After 3.9 km at N14.30.295 E105.16.336 the paved surface finishes at Wat Phu Phlan Sung

Lots of small statues here

I have visited here a few times over the years and not much is happening, I guess this will be the big Buddha in the picture someday

Nothing else up here now

I ride back taking the 4029 towards Det Udom stopping at a temple along the way, here lots of bamboo work is taking place

Now its time to ride home

Another lovely pizza at Franks tonight.
Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Where are you Colin? A couple of days without a ride report and all of us start to wonder!

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