Feb 172010

The route 226, 231, Hwy 24, 2182, 2248, Unknown, 2214, Hwy 24, 221

Total distance 444 km

I took the 226 heading east then the 231 Ubon bypass then hwy 24 to Det Udom and here the 2182 to Buntharik where I took a right onto the 2248 to carry on riding along the border road. A new surface in places along this road since I last rode here a year ago

I take a left onto an unnumbered road which ends at Ban Kumbag where this lazy dog is lying in the middle of the road

The dog isnt the only one taking it easy in this village

In fact I dont see anyone doing anything active at all

Their reservoir was completely full to the brim

The village name made me laugh, if it was in the UK an S would instantly be put in front of the K

I ride back towards the 2248 and hit a large chicken awkwardly making the bike wobble, now that would be embarrassing coming off after hitting a chicken whilst staying on after hitting cats and dogs. I maintained my 100% record and killed the chicken though, at the 2248 I turn left and carry on

A bit further on and this reservoir is only just short of capacity

I ride through Nam Yuen and after a few km take a right onto the 2214

This takes me to hwy 24 where I turn left then about forty km later its a right onto the 221 and on to Si Saket

A schnitzel, chips and beans for 150 Baht at Franks tonight

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