Feb 222010

The route 220, 2201, 4001, 2328, 4004, Unknown, 214, 2283, 2371, 4008, 2167, 2200, 3026, 220

Total distance 329 km

It was the 220 out of town to Khu Khan then a right onto the 2201 which crossed over hwy 24 then a few km later this road becomes the 4001

Loads of these flags everywhere along this road heading towards the Chong Sangam border crossing

Even more flags

The police presence along here is amazing and its about thirty km in from the border

I take a right onto the 2328 and a great surface to start with but it soon becomes potholed

I take a left onto the 4004

A much nicer surface plus some better scenery

I stop for a break at Ban Chrat reservoir

The statue in the hills

Time to ride on and the 4004 gets a bit potholed in places

The 4004 loops back to the 2328 and its now a new surface

After a few km I take a left onto an unnumbered road

A small reservoir at a village along the way

Back on the 2328

I take a left onto the 214 and along here I stop at another reservoir

An unusual overflow on this one

Out in the reservoir rather than at the edge

This Lady was picking bags of what looked like weeds by her feet but obviously they werent

The 214 is a pleasant ride and I ride just past Chong Chom

Then I take a right onto the 2283

This takes me north back across hwy 24 and into Sangkha

At Sangkha I take a right onto the 2371 then about four km later I take a right onto the 4008, this road is not quite so badly potholed as when I last rode it two or three years ago but its still not perfect

This takes me to the 2167 west of Prang Ku

I take a right onto the 2167 and its a good surface at last

Just past Prang Ku and I take a left onto the 2200

A few km later at a village I go straight ahead and I am now on the 3026

This is a pleasant road that twists around, at a T junction I take a right then a couple of km later I reach the 220 turn left and ride back to Si Saket

There was some pork left over from the sunday roast at Franks so I have it with chips and beans, great and only 150 Baht too

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