Apr 182009

The route 2373, 2168, 2083, 2227, 2043, 214, 2116, 209, 2110,2152, 2231, 2023, Hwy 2

Total distance 290 km

The route I took last week but in reverse, some good greenery in places

Rural life out in these parts

Its 9 am and time for them to eat, I am invited to join them but politely decline

Two eat while the other one works

This sign made me chuckle on the way down, I imagine that the H is silent so its pronounced as Twat Buri, twat being British slang for the four letter word in sCUNThorpe

I stop to look around some brick baking kilns

They stack the bricks up, fill in between with rice husks and light them

The rice husks

Rows of unbaked bricks

He seemed content to sit around smoking

While she did all the work

Back on the road and a very enjoyable ride today, I got away just before 8 am but it was already getting hot and very hot by midday out here today

The scenery seemed better on the way back then it did on the way down, but then I guess I was still getting over being ill on the way down so didnt notice it so much

All good condition roads again

The Irish Clock for tonights food

The full English breakfast for 150 Baht, this also included two big mugs of fresh coffee so not a bad price at all, I must cut out the beans tomorrow as I seem to be eating an awful lot of them lately

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