Dec 262010

The route 221, 2111, 2127, 2335, 4054, 2236, 3147, 2341, 2128

Total distance 281 km

Along the 2211 I see a sign that says Phrai Bung Waterfowl Pond so I turn to my left and just off the road at N14.45.737 E104.21.600 this is it

The other side of Khun Han and a lot of water today

Plus lots of rubber plantations

I dont remember this large house along here before, I was reading yesterday about the transition from growing rice to growing rubber plantations was paying dividends to farmers and perhaps this house is testimony to that

At N14.30.521 E104.31.133 I take a right onto the 4054 which my gps does not recognise and its not showing on my Thinknet map either, not far along here and a rubber processing place

On along this twisty road towards the Wang Yai Waterfall

12.2 km later at N14.26.626 E104.29.655 I reach the waterfall

Not much of a flow now

Riding back along the 4054 and lots of tapioca being harvested

My gps is showing some dirt side roads linking the 4054 to the 2236 and these are noted for future rides

Once on asphalt it can make its own way without human help

I get back to the 2335 turning left onto it then at N14.31.910 I take a left onto the 2236 which is a lovely asphalt surface for 15.7 km then turns to a rocky track at N14.24.313 E104.27.222.
Here there was always a locked gate and I always assumed it was the Cambodian border but my gps tells me its about 8-10 km further to the border, some soldiers drive down from their camp and confirm this but they advise that it could be dangerous to ride any further along the track

It doesnt look the most appetising of tracks on the Phantom I must admit, perhaps some other time

Riding back along the 2236

Time to visit the reservoir to my left, I take a left at N14.29.412 E10429.276 and ride 1.4 km to the overflow

N14.29.476 E104.28.494 at the overflow and here it is less than 50mm below maximum capacity and a slight leak through the concrete

Further along the 2236 at N14.29.875 E104.29.433 I take a left onto the 3147 to ride to the Red Sapphire Village, the asphalt finishes at N14.28.936 E104.26.829 after 5.9 km, there are loads of unpaved sideroads and signs everywhere but I decide to leave the exploring for another time

A well laden bike

On the 2341 and the road is up for the construction of a new irrigation canal

Heres where it ends at the reservoir end

I turn left at N14.31.617 E104.28.033

1.6 km later at N14.30.979 E104.28.440 I reach the overflow and this one is definitely overflowing, this reservoir is not showing on either the gps or my thinknet map even though its been here for years but as the gps shows the Huai Tha river flowing here I guess its probably the Huai Tha reservoir

Riding past the reservoir I turn left at N14.30.877 E104.26.510 to see if I can se the river that flows into it

I dont find the river but 0.8 km down this track at N14.30.524 E104.26.621 I find this hidden gem

Its beautiful

Apart from this eyesore

Inside upstairs and this Monk is miles away on his mobile

Good views of the reservoir from here too

I ride back to Khun Han and stop at the Nong Si Reservoir

This ones virtually on the brim too

Back in Si Saket at the sunday street market and some young pups in a cage

Last night I ordered a lasagna at Willys for 5.30pm but when I got there it was nowhere near ready so I was given this bread and ham free of charge as an apology, that was nice of them

Finally the lasagna arrives, a pork one and very nice too for 150 Baht, Willys is at N15.06.572 E104.19.719

Get the gdb file here …

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