Jan 062011

The route 2373, 2168, 2382, 2404, 2408, 2351, 5009

Total distance 130 km

First thing this morning was an oil change for only 110 Baht (one of the many benefits of having a domestically produced bike) then out along the 2373 for a very gentle ride around smelling the roses and waving to the locals.
First photo is of the Kut Toe Reservoir

Along the 2382

I ride to Khueang Nai but Marco is not feeling like a visit today, I say hello to his wife at her pharmacy, buy some medicine then ride back along the 2404

I seem to cross a lot of water today and this appears to be the Huai Ruea

Plenty of onions here, I didnt get to smell any roses today but certainly got a good whiff of these onions

I turn right at N15.17.885 E104.27.510 and ride 1.4 km to the Chi River at N15.18.623 E104.27.407, this is an asphalt road despite not showing on my gps

Today I find out why the Chi River seems to be so much fuller than the Mun River, it has a dam

More workers on the ride back

A cheeseburger and fries at Franks for 135 Baht.
Get the gdb file here …

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