Dec 252010

The route 221, 3012, 3141, 2360, 226, 2168, 2412, Hwy 23, 2382, 5009

Total distance 170 km

I headed south along the 221 then took a left onto the 3012 and it looks like an early 10am break for these workers

A bit further on and I stop at the Nong Sang Reservoir

Sand is often being dug out of this stream along the 2360

This young girl is getting stuck in

Now its give them a helping push time

This one took a bit of moving out of the water

I ride to the 226, do a right then after a few hundred metres take a left onto the 2168, along here at N15.10.236 E104.35.058 I take a right onto the 2412 which I have rode a few times up to where the asphalt ends and the dirt track starts.
Today I was going to mark it at this point then try to find the other end off of hwy 23 to ride in on asphalt but when I got to where the asphalt usually ends to my surprise I see this shiny new asphalt surface

With lots of these lovely bends along it

Around these bends I suddenly realise that I have got a puncture, not in either tyre but after 100000 km my Airhawk seat cushion has picked one up, thankfully its only a slow one and tonight I hope to repair it with the repair kit.
When I bought it there was a cheaper one made of hard plastic which couldnt be repaired, I opted to pay the extra for the Neoprene one which can be repaired

This is definitely the find of the day and according to my gps I am riding on nothing, not even a dirt track is showing here, its the same with my Thinknet map, nothing showing there either

After a while the surface turns to concrete but its still a very good surface

Plus nice and twisty as well

A few Thais are fishing in the Chi river which seems to have a lot of water in it

The surface is asphalt again for a while but alternates between the two right to hwy 23 where it emerges at N15.19.488 E104.40.744 after a fun 24 km ride

I turn left onto hwy 23 and stop at N15.22.478 E104.35.269 to look at this big Buddha statue by the roadside

Then its to Khueang Nai to visit Marco, it was only yesterday upon arriving in Si Saket that I heard about Marcos accident, Marco is in a lot of discomfort but put a brave face on it but he says he can remember nothing about the accident, hopefully its not too long before we see him on the road again

Heading back to Si Saket along the 2382 and the fires are going

Crossing over the Chi river

My christmas dinner was a smoked pork chop, homefries and baked beans for 160 Baht at Franks restaurant.
Get the gdb file here …

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