Jan 052011

The route 220, 3026, 220, 2167, 4008, 2371, 2124, 2328, 4013, 4030, 214, 3031, 3204, 4038, 4020, 226

Total distance 330 km

Out of town along the 220 for a short way then a right onto the 3026 and a pleasant peaceful ride along here

Along the 4008 heading towards Sangkha

This shot is from the recently completed 4013, it used to head south off of the 2328 for a few km then turn to a dirt track through the woods, now its a fun road that runs south of the 2328 becoming the 4030 and rejoining the 2328 quite near to the Chong Chom border crossing

The Khanat Mon Reservoir at N14.26.327 E103.47.343

Along the 214 and the Huai Choeng Reservoir at N14.27.424 E103.44.556

Last visit the sinkhole was a fair way above the water but its full to capacity now

Next stop was the Huai Dan Reservoir at N14.26.459 E103.42.701 and a fair way down on full

Gettting out to there doesnt look as easy as it once was

Riding through the Chong Chom market and the buildings look a bit dilapidated

From here I ride along the 214 to the Chong Chom border crossing and wish that I hadnt, as soon as I turned up three Cambodian kids are on my case and these seem like the thieving unpleasant kind, touching everything but In a way as in hoping to steal something.
No photos from them, when I got the camera out they hid their faces and asked for money, some adult touts turned up pestering me to buy cigarettes, I soon moved on vowing to not bother stopping here again.
This is as far west as I am going exploring the border roads from my Si Saket base, I will now do some inland trips and resume exploring the border when I move on to Buriram

I head east along the 2328 then take a right onto the 3031 stopping at an unknown reservoir at N14.27.837 E103.52.159

Plenty of fishing going on here, the reservoir doesnt show up on my gps but its been here for a few years as I have visited it quite a few times before

Heading north along the 4013 I stop here at N14.32.918 E103.52.591

Riding home along the 4038

Pork ghoulash and pasta at Franks for 150 Baht.

Get the gdb file here …

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