Mar 042011

The route 4051, 3001, 416, 3022, 404, 419, 3010, 4008, 4046, Hwy 4

Total distance 288 km

I leave Satun on the 4051 avoiding the busy road with lots of traffic and lights, this is a much nicer ride through the trees

Now some shots from along the 416

Some decent bends and not a lot of traffic make this an enjoyable ride

Its almost like being in Malaysia again what with all these palm trees

Roadside along the 4046 is the Ang Thong Waterfall at N07.33.165 E099.24.788

A final road shot of the twisty 4046, then its hwy 4 to Krabi

I stay at the Cha Guesthouse at N.08.03.678 E098.55.101 which was the one I used on my first trip here on my original Phantom back in 2002

I get a single room for 100 Baht, a bargain

When in Krabi a burger at Good Dream is compulsory, 160 Baht for this lovely filling burger and fries.
Get the gdb file here …

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